1st January 2017

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adroitcopywriterReady to:

  • Give Your Business a Boom?
  • Position Yourself as an Authority?
  • Boost Your Online Visibility?
  • Dominate Your Brand and Your Market?
  • Outperform Your Competitors?

Well, if you desire all that, you’re in the right place!

But first, let me borrow Sam Walton’s words that:

“There is only one boss – YOU, the customer! You can fire anybody in the company right from the Chairman on down, by simply sending your money elsewhere.”

On that light, I first want to welcome you here and also thank you for getting in touch to see how I can be of writing service to you, the boss!

I am Waliyulah Olayiwola, you can call me Waliyulah, and I am here fully at your service.

As a Writer who has helped many people grow their business since 2011, I am here to attend to your writing needs too. I can help you grow your business with my writing prowess, guaranteed!

I understand it’s all about you. You may be an individual, a startup or even a big organization – irrespective, I am for you. But only you can decide which of my various services you need or can use in your quest to catapult your business to the next level.

I am someone who likes to place so much emphasis on the quality of my work when I work with you. Yet, I still ensure that I make your investment with my services worth every dollar you pay.

Therefore, underlisted are some of the services I offer.

1.  Ghostwriting Services

Exceptional reports and/or articles do nothing but portray your dexterity and position you as an expert in your niche or industry.

However, writing it may be difficult for you owing to many reasons e.g time constraint, busyness, skill etc.

The next available option is to find an expert who is good enough to write those articles in your name.

Leave all that to me. No matter who you are – an individual, a celebrity, a marketer or a politician – I will help you write highly researched and quality contents, so great, you will be proud to put your name on them.

I can assure you the best possible results from my ghostwriting services. So, send me an email using the contact form below.

2.  eCourse and eBook Writing Services

Creating an eCourse as well as writing an eBook is undoubtedly a great way to position yourself an instant expert in any field or your field at that.

Either of them can be useful to you in several ways, some of which are:

  • to position yourself as an authority on a subject,
  • as an incentive to build your mailing list,
  • as part of a viral marketing campaign,
  • social proof for your claim of authority,
  • source of wealth and recurrent passive income through selling them at high royalties.

If you are in need of someone to help you write a quality ebook/e-course series, or someone to help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan for one – or both – you’re covered. Quickly scroll down and shoot me an email using the form below this page.

3.  Email Copywriting or Newsletter Writing Services

To build a successful business online requires you to build an extensive email list. But, having that list is still not enough.

Those on your list are real people. And you need to connect with themThis is the big deal and it is where your money lies when you hear that money is in the list.

I understand how all these work.

With my email copywriting expertise, I will help you to, with each email,  successfully connect with your subscribers, create a relationship of mutual trust and respect with them, educate them and eventually sell to them.

However, you may have other goals and intentions with your email list. Therefore, I’ll align myself with your goals and tailor your emails in an attempt to move you closer to that goal.

For you, allow me write marketing emails for your campaigns. Let me write your autoresponder series to help grow your business Lastly, let me write your company emails to familiarize people with your brand and connect with customers.

Get in touch with me through the form below to see how we can work together!

4.  Guest Blogging Marketing

Guest blogging is currently the number one way to market a business online today. Guest blogging can be very effective if used right, and it can help you achieve several purposes including:

  • Quality backlinks to improve your rankings
  • Quality traffic to grow your website
  • Exposure to build authority for yourself
  • Brand awareness to get people talking about you

I am an expert in guest blogging and I can write specially on Tech, Health and Business niche. Although, I agree that my adroitness transcends to other niche as I will need to research them before writing. And if I cannot do that as a freelance writer, who claims dexterity, who can

Therefore, no matter your intention on guest blogging, you can surely use my hand, my guest blogging marketing expertise is designed for your service!

5.  Blog/Web Content Writing

Blogging is several times more effective than other sources of marketing. If you’re a company that doesn’t have a blog, now is the time to start. If you’re a company with an abandoned blog, you’re losing a lot in revenue every single day.

In fact, recent data has proven that blogging is more effective than super bowl ads, and the key to successful blogging isn’t just to have a blog, but to have regular expert content to help your blog, and business, grow.

I’ve been blogging for years now, and my blog has consistently outgrown itself month after month. Other bloggers I write for have also testified to the fact that my writing has contributed significantly to the growth of their sites.  I’d like to use my writing to help you grow your blog too.

If you want to take your blog to the next level with regular quality content, you can get in touch with me via the form below this page.

6.  Custom Service/Combination of Two or More Services

If you couldn’t find the service you need above and think I’ll be a good fit for it, or if you want me to help you with two or more of the services listed above (at a discount). I’m up to that, too!

Give me a try today and I can guarantee you will refer me to your associates!



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P.S: I can be pretty selective about who I work with – my clients. I have so much work on the table. So, I can only work with serious minded clients who are ready for a game-changing result in their business. Therefore, if you’re not yet ready for my service, financially – I mean, if you’re on a low budget or you want to manage your budget – I’m afraid I may not be your guy.